How to Clean Furniture

Keeping furniture clean not only makes the piece more attractive, but lengthens its lifespan immensely. While cleaning a whole house’s worth of furniture can represent a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. In most cases, regular dusting and vacuuming in combination with semiannual deep cleans will keep your furniture looking fantastic.

  1.  Regularly vacuuming your furniture is the easiest part of keeping your furniture clean. Make an effort to clean the cracks and crevices of your furniture between cushions, like the areas where the arms of a sofa meet the back. Take the cushions off, too, and vacuum all sides of them.
  • W means: Use water-based detergent.
  • S means: Clean with a water-free product, like dry cleaning solvent.
  • WS means: Either a water-based cleaner or a water-free cleaner is appropriate.
  • X means: Professionally cleaning only, though feel free to vacuum it. Keep this is in mind when purchasing furniture.

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